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Workshop: Implementing innovations in colorectal cancer screening: Transition to quantitative immunochemical testing

Pancreatic cancer: The main challenge

Other digestive cancers: Next to be screened?

CRC screening programmes: State of the art in Europe

Differences between ongoing programmes

State of the art in the Czech Republic – CRC screening: Czech experience in implementation

Why and how to start a population based CRC screening programme?

Optimizing participation in ongoing CRC screening programmes

Why do we have different levels of participation in Europe?

  1. Influence of the programme design:
    (a) Pro GP implication (F. de Bels)
    (b) Cons GP implications (E. Dekker)
  2. Influence of the population type – How to tackle inequalities! (S. Halloran)
  3. Influence of the message (J. Wilkes)
  4. Influence of the patient associations and/or influence of a champion (L. Colemont)